Cloudlead Happily Scores 2 Demand Generation Software Awards from FinanceOnline Reviews

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The end of 2017 seems to have closed on a good note, especially since Cloudlead was accredited with the ‘Rising Star award 2017’ and the ‘Great User Experience award’ for its data outreach services and commitment to great user experience. CloudLead’s review will give you an idea of what we provide and even a few business case scenarios to see if we are the solution provider for you. It’s indeed a positive stepping-stone towards improvement that we are working on to provide highly refined and targeted data. It’s good news to know that Cloudlead is paving its way through the B2B industry!

FinanceOnline is a credible software review platform specifically for B2B companies and financial solution providers. Their team of experts analyzes business sales and marketing optimization to draw company comparisons and finalize a ranking order.  They highlighted Cloudlead’s data solutions and categorized us under their best demand generation companies.

Cloudlead has key benefits that aim to gather and provide accurate and updated data. Customers are given targeted contact data through a combination of ‘human research’ skills and machine learning tools. This data can also be directly transferred to CRM systems. Automatic rather than manual transfer saves customers time, energy and resources. Unlike many other companies in the B2B industry, we consider in-depth human research as an important step towards achieving quality data and successful sales.

However, the primary asset of Cloudlead is its dedication to repeatedly filter and verify data by using innovative software tools and ‘data analysts’. We value top-quality data verified through manual quality assurance. This is done in order to validate data and ensure that the customer is completely satisfied. Even with the latest in software, we try to keep a margin of technical error and our expert analysts are there to review data lists from a ‘human perspective’.

Our ‘expert analyst team’ wasn’t the only company trait outlined. In fact, FinanceOnline ranked us on generic lead features too. This included our data enrichment and data filtering services. They emphasized that incorrect data is a frequent problem among B2B customers. However, Cloudlead particularly focuses on data cleaning through its validation platform. We also specialize in providing low bounce rates through updated and verified data. With all these tasks executed by a high-performance team and top-notch analysts, our company also placed a spot in list of best marketing software systems. Being ranked and mentioned as a top company through a credible review source just goes to show that hard work always pays off.

Alongside data enrichment and cleaning, Cloudlead was also addressed for prioritizing ‘ideal customer profiles’ and providing data in accordance. As mentioned above, a team of analysts and software tools helps to collect information that is relevant and updated. Cloudlead considers ‘target audience’ as an essential ingredient to providing specified and targeted data for customers. Knowing and understanding what the customer wants and needs is very important, particularly for the B2B data platform.

The least to say, we found it an enjoyable experience to be inspected under Finance Online’s microscopic review. Being in the limelight helped us appreciate our B2B journey and we are glad to share such an achievement with our customers. Cloudlead will continue to grow and refine its data strategies and customer approach to providing the best of services. If you’re looking for B2B contact data lists or data enrichment services, reach out to us anytime to see how Cloudlead can supplement your data outreach program.

Free Sample of CloudLead B2B Targeted Data

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