Social Insights To Help SDRs Connect With Leads

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What Are Social Insights?

Social insights are actionable intelligence mined from users’ social media accounts using social listening and analytics tools or human researchers. This information can be anything – from a user’s personal preferences, their last activity or a company’s updates.

In the context of outbound sales, social insights can provide a wealth of useful information that can be utilized for email personalization or to customize your pitch across any channel. These include cold calling campaigns and social outreach or even social selling.

In short, these data points can be used to help connect with leads and have smarter conversations.

Examples Of Social Insights

The best way to understand your prospects – and even where they are in the buying cycle – is to collect relevant information through different social platforms.

There are two broad categories of social insights; generic which refers to information that is valuable to your cold outreach regardless of your business and model. The second, specific data points, are great as ice-breakers or to identify if a lead might be interested in your product/service.

Typically, generic data points include:

      1. Social URLs/account handles
      2. Social ranking/last activity date on the lead’s account
      3. Last activity (e.g. post, like, comment, etc.)
      4. Interests
      5. Previous company
      6. Date of joining of new role/company
      7. Number of followers
      8. Education
      9. Licenses & Certifications
      10. Languages
      11. Groups
      12. Other Publications

Specific data points can include (but are not limited to):

      1. Relevant quote out of an article or post the lead published
      2. Quote from an interview/podcast/live stream they did or participated in
      3. Award presented to the lead/company
      4. Comment by the lead on a specific post
      5. Recent post on a related topic
      6. Featured article on a relevant topic
      7. Reaction on a relevant post or comment
      8. Re-shared posts, etc.

While there a number of social insights that can be extracted from a lead’s profile, the key is to find information that can prove to be vital for pitching your service or product successfully.

In fact, tracking this data can not only help you in connecting with people in your target market, but also allow you to understand what’s important to them. This helps you manage their expectations and provide services that are customized to their needs.

For instance, based on the above examples, salespeople can write storylines based on what the company is about or personalized ice-breakers to include with email outreach or cold calls.

How To Extract Social Insights

All of this information can be accessed through a prospect’s social profile – be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

While social listening tools like Google Alerts, Brand24, etc. can monitor brand mentions and other keyword based information, there are no options that can extract all of this data from social profiles/platforms in one go.

The good news is that there are data enrichment companies that offer this as an add-on service for your existing database or with new outreach lists.

Bottom Line

Social media provides a wealth of information on your prospects; from what they care about to what their current needs are.

This is the perfect starting point for your outreach and gives you a clear idea on who to reach out to, through what platform and most importantly, what to say to a prospect to get them to actually listen to your offering.

Need social insights to connect with leads and have better conversations? Reach out to the team at Cloudlead.

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