Using AI To Increase Your Sales Potential

Sales requires continuous learning; learning about your clients, changing market trends, product improvements, new automation processes, etc. When I first stepped into the world of selling back in 2009, I was pretty confident. I knew I’d developed a great product, and I only had to show my prospects what it could bring to their funnel. Yes, as you’ve probably guessed, it really wasn’t that simple. Slowly but surely, I started spending days, weeks and even months on sales related tasks – chasing down prospects, filling out sheets, compiling contact data – the list just went on and on. That’s when I started exploring AI based solutions that could guide me towards the right choices, and handle all administrative tasks. In other word, AI changed the reality of sales for me, and eventually for the sales team I managed to build. So whether you’re new to this field or a seasoned sales warrior, here are different ways you and your SDRs can utilize AI for sales to keep learning, and growing.

Automate All Admin Tasks

You or your sales team is only as productive or efficient as the amount of time you can actually spend on your core activity: sales. Wouldn’t you rather get on the phone to chase your prospect rather than uploading data and notes into your CRM? This is exactly why you should automate all your administrative tasks like:
      • Creating new contacts
      • Logging in updates and new activity
      • Identifying high priority tasks
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Identify All The Big Opportunities

Are you still chasing down any and every lead who signs up, or says ‘hi’ on your live chat? Well, the first step is to accept that not all leads are equal. The second step is to create parameters for what your ideal customers, and good opportunities, look like. Incorporate AI into your sales to help you identify all the big ‘deals’ based on previous accounts, and match the right solutions to the right customers, at the right time.

Forecast Deals And Revenue

While it’s always good to know how to get things done manually – it’s definitely a learning curve – letting AI predict and forecast your revenues is more efficient. It not only gives you an accurate picture of where you and your sales team stands, but it also provides you adequate opportunity to shape up your revenues before the next quarter ends. Even if you have your sales team do their own forecasts, it is usually a good idea to cross check everything through your AI forecast.

Predict Your Likelihood Of Success

Using AI to help you process tons of information you have on past or similar deals can really help you collect data points that can be used to predict future success. In other words, AI can be used to review emails and other sources of information to make predictions – for example, you can refine your ideal accounts with the help of past information, find the right lead to chase down, or identify points that can help you close a particularly difficult deal. The most important thing to remember is that AI can help you and your team be more productive – you just have to learn to trust AI based recommendations and let go of your doubt. Not finding the right sales leads for you? Can’t prioritize your opportunities and leads? Then use AI to based services to help save time and money. Providers like Cloudlead help you find and identify the best prospects for your company through managed lead list building service that is supported by tools and researchers alike. This not only helps you save time, but also allows you and your sales team to keep one step ahead of the competition. All you have to do is start by defining the parameters of your current clients, and our team plus software can mine the right leads for you.
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