Virtual Conferences In 2020: The Top Sales Events To Attend

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Conferences and trade shows are typically ‘the’ place to meet new clients, find valuable partnerships and market your product. In fact, most businesses typically set aside a certain budget for exhibiting or participating in such events.

The reason is pretty clear: according to Marketing Charts, such events are the top three sources that buyers turn to during the research phase.

Here are more statistics on why these events are so important:

– Around 81% of attendees at a trade show are decision makers or have buying authority. (CEIR)

– SDRs can close an exhibition lead in just 3.5 calls whereas it takes an average of 4.5 calls to close a sale from other sources. (CEIR)

– The perception of a brand that is not represented at an event falls by 5%. This is true even for global brands. (

With so many reasons to attend conferences – and virtually no drawbacks unless you count poor planning or lack of follow up – it’s no wonder that industry events are counted as one of the major sources of revenue for a business. But sadly, due to the global lockdown brought about by COVID 19, almost all the conferences and trade shows for 2020 have been either cancelled or rescheduled.

In this situation, where face to face meetings are being strictly discouraged, one alternative has emerged as a winner – virtual conferences or online events.

While virtual conferences may not be as affective in terms of networking or capturing leads, they still allow participants to interact with others, view keynotes live and access on demand content. In short, virtual events can be as rich and value driven as a physical conference – and as an added benefit, you can attend them from the comfort of your home.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 virtual sales conferences and trade shows that will help you build your skills and network with prospects or industry leaders.

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RevGrowth Virtual Summit

Date: April 16–17, 2020

With a tag line like ‘Bringing The Sales & Marketing To You,’ it’s expected that the 2 day event will be filled with opportunities to learn new trends from thought leaders.

The next best thing to a physical show, this virtual conference is the perfect opportunity to network with decision makers in the field of sales and marketing.

Hurry up and reserve your spot here – you really, really would not want to miss out on this opportunity.

Unleash Virtual Summit

Date: May 4–7, 2020

Powered by Outreach, the Unleash Virtual Summit is another event that is set to draw out sales and marketing leaders from around the world. Think top influencers and Fortune 500 leaders who have already forged new paths in B2B sales, demand generation, client management, etc.

It’s essentially set to be a four-day marathon of everything to do with sales where you will get multiple on-demand sessions, live Q&A, keynotes, virtual roundtables and of course, networking galore. There’ll be a dedicated slack channel for conversations, virtual happy hour for participants, LinkedIn Live posts and a lot more.

Book your seat at this virtual conference right here.

SiriusDecisions Summit

Date: May 4–6, 2020

With the combined power of Forrester and SiriusDecisions, you know this virtual event is not to be missed.

Some highlights of the event include an interactive classroom based on SiriusDecisions’ B2B Marketing Certification, 120+ live streaming sessions, one on one meetings with analysts, 10+ keynotes, an interactive marketplace with marketing and sales vendors, etc.

Here’s the link where you can directly register your spot.

Virtual Unleashed Summit By Xactly

Date: June 16-18

Before introducing this conference, let’s start with a quote from Christopher W. Cabrera, Founder and CEO of Xactly:

“We are in uncharted territory as a community, nation, and world. As we collectively come to grips with this new normal (which still feels anything but normal) it’s important to remember that we will get through this.  The importance of SPM will be more relevant than ever in the post-crisis environment.”

The focus of this half-day virtual conference will be on digital sales performance management (SPM) with various keynotes, sessions and live Q&A hosted by leaders. Those in the field of finance, sales operations, sales leadership, etc. will certainly find this event a unique opportunity to learn and network.

You can book yourself a spot for free right here.

Sales Growth Virtual Summit

Date: November 5-6, 2020

40 sales experts and 2 half-days of actionable advice for entrepreneurs, SDRs and managers – this is certainly one of the most promising events for this year’s lineup.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to learn strategies for B2B sales prospecting, referrals, follow-ups and customer growth – and how to implement them in real life. Even better, the short 20-minute sessions mean that there is zero chance to get distracted!

Book a seat right here.

SalesHacker Success Summit

Date: December 9–13, 2020

As a five-day long virtual conference filled with content to help polish your sales game, this event is really not to be missed. Even better, each participant will get a checklist, script, worksheet or template for every talk they attend so as to make learning a breeze.

While further details have not yet been released, it’s sure to help you start 2021 on the right track.

In short, this will be the perfect way to network with modern sales professionals and start off next year on the right foot.

You can stay tuned for updates by signing up right here.

And that’s it – these are the virtual conferences we are most excited about this year. With the rut we’re all probably experiencing due to the lockdown, attending such events is the safest way to connect with others and gain a bit of inspiration.

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