4 Sales Courses To Level Up Your Game In 2020

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There is often a debate whether sales is an art or science, but the truth is there is an essence of both in modern sales practices. Although the core concept behind sales will remain the same, we should ask ourselves, what has changed then?

Every year, “people change.” New trends emerge, people give their attention to new places they never did before. For e.g. who thought that 10 years back that Tik Tok would be a “thing”. The reason I’m saying this is as people change and technologies emerge, traditional sales practices evolve as well.

The purpose of this article is to share some of the best sales courses out there by thought leaders.

We all know there are many fake ‘gurus’ out there, but the courses which I’ll be sharing today are the real deal. Salespeople sing their praises, recommend them all the time, and often consider these courses as their “secret sauce.” 

Regardless, education is hardly valuable if it’s not shared. So after scouting and talking to various sales leaders, I’ve shortlisted a list of sales courses that are bound to level up your sales game.

Outbound Sales Development Mastery

Instructor: Tito Bohrt (LinkedIn)
Course link: Outbound Sales Development Mastery Course
Investment: $4,900/y
Access: Unlimited access

Whether you’ve tried this course or not, you should certainly be following Tito Bohrt. His free content has so much to offer that one may just imagine how good this paid course would be.

The name of the course is pretty explanatory on what it is about – in short, Tito is a huge outbound sales advocate and he’s built an awesome team and business to prove his point.

Over time, he has also trained over a 100 SDR’s and is an advisor and investor to some fast growing companies like Piio, LigthningAI, Kylie.ai, etc. (Source: Tito instructor bio on AltiSales).

Additionally, you can also follow his YouTube page where he shares a ton of amazing content.

Who is this course good for? 

According to the AltiSales website: “Whether you’re an SDR or a seasoned AE this course is for those who want to craft and advance their careers”.

It makes sense, since Tito tends to attract a lot of salespeople who want to learn on his LinkedIn profile too.

JBarrows – Filling The Funnel & Driving To Close

Instructor: John Barrows (LinkedIn)
Course link: JBarrows Sales Training
Investment: $420/year
Access: Yearly access to live updated content and courses

A true salesperson at heart, John Barrows really knows the struggles that normally salespeople face.

John sells everyday and has even trained SDR’s at some of the worlds best organizations like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Marketo and HP. What’s more is that his sales courses have a brand value attached to them.

If you’re a JBarrow’s certified sales professional, it really speaks volumes. Naturally, it goes without saying that this course is good value for money as well, especially if you’re also a self-learner and need a push in the right direction.

Other things included in JBarrows subscription includes access to all events and VIP passes to livecasts, weekly live Q&A sessions and of course, access to all the valuable content shared in the past.

John and his peers Morgan J Ingram and James Buckley constantly share new and updated content as well.

Who is this course good for? 

Whether it’s prospecting, discovery calls, meetings or closing, this course has got you covered. If you’re an SDR looking to level up to a managerial role or try at being an account executive, then this is a great course to enroll in.

Just imagine receiving content, tips and tricks that are being used by the best of the best companies out there – basically all that information will be on your fingertips.

Badass B2B Growth Guide

Instructor: Josh Braun (LinkedIn)
Course Link: Badass B2B Growth Guide
Investment: Flat fee of $197

Josh Braun is genius at crafting the right message and understanding human psyche. He hates those desperate sounding cliche emails everyone is sending out and praising. Instead, he will help you understand how to truly personalize your content to produce real results through his sales courses.

As the founder of SalesDNA, he serves CEO’s and VP’s of sales get more out of cold outreach and ultimately book more meetings. He can be considered one of the real gurus among the ocean of fake ones.

His growth guide/course has great traction and reviews, and includes an intense curriculum focused on teaching and correcting all those baby steps that people take for granted too.

This sales course is divided into 20 sections that cover everything from cold emailing, cold calling, LinkedIn, diffusing objections, negotiating and even getting a job in sales.

Additionally, if you’ve checked the website, you’ll probably notice that Josh has hardly talked you into buying this course. All he’s attached are customer reviews, testimonials, case studies and videos.

In short, he believes that the customer is the best salesperson for your product and I completely agree with him.

Who is this course good for? 

I’d even recommend marketers to try this course, not just salespeople. This course covers a lot of basics that we take for granted and (let’s be honest) don’t understand too well at times.

Josh’s content will help you level up your sales game and that too at a fraction of the price it should be.

Anyone from CEO’s of small companies, someone who’s never done sales but wants to have a whack at it or even a salesperson or manager who wants to just boost his/her knowledge. This course is certainly an all-rounder.

Jeffrey Hoffman – Sales Training Course

Instructor: M. Jefrrey Hoffman (LinkedIn)
Course Link: SellHoffman – Sales Training
Investment: $595 – $795 Per Workshop Per Seat (Groups get discounts)

Jeff is the man who introduced Basho sales strategies; simply put, it’s a mechanism to hyper-personalize your content to showcase that you really know your prospect.

Even if they don’t book a meeting, they’ll surely say, “thanks for taking the time to research and email me”. As such, this technique can help you build a relationship with that top official in your dream account (if done right).

Read: 5 Reasons to Implement Basho Email In Your Sales Strategy

But that’s not it – Hoffman has his award winning sales techniques shared from his experience working with top sales organizations like Google, Bloomberg, Hubspot and more!

Who is this course good for? 

If you’re in sales, then this course is a must – after all, some of their students see results like driving average revenue per sale up by 40%. Also, with more than 20 years of experience in the market, this course has been around for a long time and evolving.

You can even check their remote learning packages or get in touch with Hoffman’s team.


Sales courses could be the missing ingredient to fix a lazy sales pipelines or quiet sales floors. Knowledge is also a great motivator and every salesperson knows how much motivation impacts sales results.

So the bottom line is – empower your salespeople by contacting and reviewing these sales courses.

Cloudlead specializes in sales prospecting and B2B lead generation. We mine top of the funnel leads based on your ideal customer profile with sales triggers that help you close more deals than ever.

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