8 Sales Podcasts You Should Follow In 2020

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Sales is not an easy field to be in; to constantly chase after leads, close valuable deals and meet your quota, you need to be on top of your game.

And the only way to do so is to keep on top of new trends and learn how they can be combined with fundamental skills. The problem lies in the fact that after a hard day of work, it can be difficult to open a book about sales techniques or focus on reading long posts.

Here’s the solution – sales podcasts.

In short, this is an easier way to learn directly from thought leaders and experts, and keep refining your skills without taking out extra time out of your busy schedule.

To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up 8 of the best sales podcasts in 2020 that you should follow – let’s dive in.

1 – The Sales Hacker Podcast

Hosted by: Sam Jacobs

Available on: iTunesStitcher

Episode length: 50 minutes

Who is it for: Salespeople, Sales Managers, CEOs

It’s impossible to talk about sales podcasts and not mention The Sales Hacker by Sam Jacobs.

Based around the world of B2B sales, each episode offers actionable insights and strategies from experts that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. From the very basics to advanced techniques and technology to help you attract qualified prospects and close deals, this podcast has it all.

2 – SaaStr

Hosted by: Jason M. Lemkin

Available on: SoundCloud, iTunes, PodBean

Episode length: 30 minutes

Who is it for: Salespeople, Founders

An interview style format, this podcast deserves a mention on the list even though it’s not purely sales focused. This is mainly due to Jason M. Lemkin, the host and founder of SaaStr which is the world’s largest community for B2B/SaaS founders.

Listening to this podcast, 30 minutes can go by in a flash – you’ll learn how to sell, invest and grow with the help of real world examples from CEOs and top salespeople.

In fact, if you’re working in a SaaS/B2B startup, then this is a must have resource!

3 – The Advanced Selling Podcast

Hosted by: Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey

Available on: WebsiteiTunes

Episode length: 20 minutes

Who is it for: Salespeople, Founders

Another short and sweet sales podcast where each episode is packed with technical advice and actionable insights from the hosts – leading sales trainers and business strategies.

Want to learn how to get better at cold outreach, emails, calling, prospecting, etc.? Then this podcast is perfect for you. What’s more, the liberal dose of humor by Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale keeps things lively and entertaining so you can learn and laugh at the same time – better than those boring YouTube tutorials right?

4 – Women In Sales

Hosted by: Barb Giamanco

Available on: iTunes, Stitcher

Episode length: 30 minutes

Who is it for: Female Salespeople, Female Founders and CEOs

While the sales field is thought to be dominated by men, the fact is that women represent 39% of the workforce according a report by LinkedIn.

As such, this podcast is one of the best resources for female salespeople. Filled with anecdotes from female professionals, each episode contains thoughts on sales and marketing alignment, social media marketing, leadership, B2B sales, etc.

Simply put, this is a podcast you should not miss out on.

5 – The Ziglar Show

Hosted by: Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller

Available on: WebsiteiTunesStitcher

Episode length: 20 to 80 minutes

Who is it for: Salespeople, Founders

You can’t be in this field and not have heard of the legend, Zig Ziglar – as is obvious by the name, the show was initially developed as a tribute to him.

Each episode starts with a discussion of Zig Ziglar’s sales philosophy and discusses a wide range of subjects including success stories from famous influencers, storytelling techniques, etc.

As this is admittedly a motivational show, it is the one salespeople should turn to when they’re struggling with problems like purposeful procrastination, peer pressure, career development, etc.

6 – Make It Happen Mondays

Hosted by: John Barrows

Available on: FacebookiTunesSoundCloudSpotify

Episode length: 45 minutes

Who is it for: Salespeople

Full of tips and techniques on daily selling, each episode is a reflection of Barrows’ (CEO and founder of JBarrows Sales Training) considerable experience in the field.

While this is longer than a few others on our list, the sheer amount of knowledge that you can learn on the go makes it worth the time.

With new guests and topics featured on a weekly basis on Monday – it’s in the name people – salespeople can draw in some much needed motivation and learn about important topics like the impact of personal branding.

7 – Sell Or Die

Hosted by: Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow

Available on: iTunesStitcherOvercast

Episode length: 20-30 minutes

Who is it for: Salespeople

The author of ‘The Little Red Book of Selling’ Jeffrey Gitomer and leading sales trainer Jennifer Gluckow team up for this daily podcast – need we say more?

Each episode has something special to offer such as live Q&A, Monday motivation, top sales influencers, etc. For 20 minutes of your time, you can basically learn a good deal about topics like creating referrals, disruptive innovation, beating your competition, etc.

8– Sales Enablement Podcast With Andy Paul

Hosted by: Andy Paul

Available on: iTunesStitcher

Episode length: 15-40 minutes

Who is it for: Salespeople, Sales Managers, Startup CEOs

Want to listen to the likes of leading salespeople like Mark Hunter and Jeff Shore? You’ve reached the right place.

This sales podcast by Andy Paul has it all, starting with world famous guests who talk about their experiences in the field and their ‘success stories.’

Besides this, you will also learn a lot about key topics in sales such as the right processes and tools, automation, etc.

And that’s it – these are some of the top sales podcasts that we recommend. Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list as there many, many others that offer something of value to salespeople.

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