6 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Matter to Get Better Leads

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The competition is only getting fiercer in the digital marketing field out there. From social media to old-school email campaigns, every savvy marketer makes sure they leave no stone unturned when it comes to attracting new leads and skyrocket their conversion rates. 

That being said, getting better leads is always such a challenge – not a walk in the park at all. Today’s customers have an endless sea of choices. In other words, they become pickier than ever in following and investing in a brand.

This is why learning and incorporating out-of-this-world lead generation strategies is not enough. Businesses need to invest in a robust lead generation tool to attract the right leads who’ll respond positively to your offer. 

In this case, explainer videos are one of the best tools you could employ to generate leads faster.

Now, the question is: ‘what is it, and how can it help you collect qualified leads?’

Explainer Videos As A Powerful Lead Generation Tool

Explainer videos are short, straightforward videos that help you convey your message in a matter of seconds. Where attracting and retaining prospects’ attention takes a long time, explainer videos can do the job in 30-90 seconds.

More often than not, this type of video relies on animation to help viewers digest and retain all the crucial information stress-free. Story-driven narration or voice-over is also used to improve memory recall.

Since it’s such an engaging content format, many savvy marketers add an explainer video to their lead generation toolbox. They make sure that they include it on their emails or landings pages, not only to grab attention faster but engage qualified prospects better.

6 Essential Reasons To Use Explainer Videos In Lead Generation Campaigns

Today’s leads are your tomorrow’s customers.

It’s safe to say that leads are the backbone of your business, regardless of your company’s size and what industry you belong to. Luckily, you can now leverage explainer videos to collect better leads and convert leads into loyal customers.

But, how?

Piques Interests Faster

To start with, explainer videos provide an obvious thumbnail that entices prospects to click on it – which other lead generation content (i.e. static images or banners and plain text-based content) simply can’t do.

With more prospects clicking and watching your videos all the way through, more chances you’ll have to encourage them to submit their names and email addresses.

Not to mention that a great explainer video also starts with a powerful sentence that highlights your target customers’ pain points. Right after a prospect clicks on the video, they can easily engage with your products and services.

Tells Engaging Stories

Explainer videos present a fantastic opportunity to tell a compelling story in an easily digestible package. This storytelling method makes the content easier to understand and follow. It also helps you to communicate your brand message without sounding hard-selling which can scare prospects away.

People love stories. That’s why by providing an intriguing story through explainer videos, you won’t only help your prospects retain the information better but also make it easier for them to get to know your brand more.

And when prospects familiarize themselves with your brand and values, they should have no problem joining your lead generation and even convert themselves into your loyal customers.

Conveys Messages Better

Many marketers and companies out there have difficulty distilling their message into simple, concise chunks. The fact that human’s attention span is only getting shorter makes it even more challenging for them to get their message across effectively in such a short period of time.

Explainer videos are well-known for their capabilities in breaking down complex and complicated ideas into more digestible, snackable chunks. You can leverage animations to illustrate abstract ideas that can’t be filmed by real-life cameras.

If you successfully convey your messages, chances are your prospects will get deeper knowledge about your brand and missions. They’ll have a solid understanding of why they need to invest in your brand and submit their contact information to you.

Increases The Average Time Spent On Site

A great explainer video is always fun to watch. It doesn’t even seem like an advertisement since it focuses only on helping prospects solve their problems hassle-free. This is the reason why most prospects tend to watch explainer videos all the way through.

According to a study, internet users are most likely to spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without. In this case, if prospects stay on your page longer, it means that they’re interested in your brand and want to know more about you.

That’s why when you encourage them to take action (such as join your email lists, sign up for the newsletter, etc.)  with a powerful call-to-action, they feel more confident in doing it.

Increases Open Rates For Email Campaigns

Emails might seem like an old-school marketing strategy. But, you can’t deny that it remains one of the most powerful ways to collect qualified leads. Of course, only if you leverage them well.

With thousands of emails bombarding your prospects’ inboxes daily, it’s harder for you to cut through the noise and make them open yours. Emails are indeed a powerful tool to nurture your qualified leads and make them stay on the email list longer. 

But, if your emails left unchecked or even ended up in the trash folder, it can hurt your lead generation results, right?

In this situation, explainer videos can add an extra boost to your email campaigns. The stats say that simply adding the word ‘video’ on your subject line can boost your emails’ open rate by 19%. It also increases your click-through rate up to 50%.

Wrapping Up

In this digital era, high-qualified leads allow you to understand more about your customers their demographics, needs, and preferences. This way, you can tailor the value of your brand to meet their desires and interests. In this case, explainer videos offer you an easy, stress-free way to get better leads.

You can create a stunning explainer video and add them to your lead generation forms, landing pages, email newsletters, or even share it on your social media platforms so that it can bring you the maximum results of your lead generation campaigns.

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