The Spirit of Sales – Sales Quotes To Help You Stay Hungry, Stay Focused!

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Sales is as tough a job as any and more so in fact because it is constantly quantified and monitored.

In what many consider as a ‘soul sucking’ job, people in sales feel the need to be motivated, energetic and optimistic – after all a bad day for them means a bad day for the entire business. Hence, they really can’t afford to…slip!

No seriously – with the constant churning of numbers, customers, and business objectives, it’s easy for salespeople to get distracted and lose sight of their goals. Sometimes, the entire situation feels hopeless.

With this in mind, let’s look through some sales quotes that are guaranteed to make you feel better and remind you of the endless possibilities out there.

1 – Bob Hooey

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Many of you must be well aware that Bob Hooey, who is the source of this sales quote, is also known as the ‘idea man’. His quote resonates well with all marketers and salespeople because ‘customers’ are the driving force behind all sales campaigns.

Customers are the reason for the existence of all businesses and companies! So if your company isn’t listening to the customer, then you can bet that your competitors will get their attention.

The goal is to constantly improve customer care and nurture leads in a way that a trusting and reliable relationship is formed.

2 – Jim Rohn

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This is what I got to hear on my first day of work in a startup. It couldn’t be any truer. In order to increase sales and keep on track towards progress, it’s essential to practice ‘time management’.

Not to overload you with a bunch of quotes, but like everyone says, time is money.

Your time could literally translate into dollars IF properly managed. So remember this as a piece of advice, run your own damn day. Don’t waste time.

3 – Katherine Barchetti

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Does this ring a bell? In our module class for business management, we were constantly told to make a customer and sales will follow.

Once your lead turns into a ‘customer’, the ball is in your court! You’re bound to increase sales and make progress. This isn’t a forlorn utopian idea, it’s just basic marketing logic.

If you gain more customers, your sales are going to increase too. What do you know, you’re getting Psychology 101 lessons here too!

4 – Patricia Fripp

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Sometimes you won’t end the day by closing a deal. It sucks, but that’s okay. But instead of feeling disheartened, it’s wiser to see it as a ‘networking’ opportunity’.

Just because so and so is NOT your customer doesn’t mean they cannot open a doorway to better future possibilities. It’s good to end everything on a friendly note, but it’s even better to form a bond or relationship that calls for long-term success in the market.

In order to survive the B2B market, it won’t hurt you to find more handshakes in a failed deal.

5 – Omar Periu

It’s about the small improvements you make every day. This quote hits home for many people because they are aware that they have a lot of potential but they won’t put it to the test. That act in itself is a limitation they put on themselves.

Every startup dreams of getting bigger and wealthier by the year, but only those that push themselves past the limits of fear and failure are successful.

6 – Zig Ziglar

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We already talked about this, right? Not every day will end with a successful sale, and not every lead will convert into a customer.

Hoping for the best is great, but also remaining well-equipped for the worst possible scenario is an essential tool for climbing the ladder of sales success.

Take whatever good comes, but if you experience minor setbacks don’t let them act as a hurdle towards sales progress.

7 – W. Clement Stone

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This has been a repetitive theme throughout this blog article, hasn’t it? That’s because how we treat our customers truly reflects business statistics.

The way you nurture, handle and communicate with customers will determine the level of sales success.

So it all boils down to us – we need to be careful and mindful of how we interact with our precious customers. After all, they’re the ones that help us make a successful company.

8 – Jeffrey Gitomer

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There you go, it’s all about what Wiz Khalifa said in his song. Work hard, play hard! Don’t expect shortcuts to success, and in case you’re wondering there aren’t any magical potions or spells that will make sales faster.

A few years ago, I scanned every book and blog to see whether there’s a way to get successful without the real hard work. Turns out, you HAVE to work some to earn some.

When it comes to sales success and increase, you need to push through limitations and put in proper effort to yield good results.

9 – Brian Tracy

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Once you’ve allowed yourself downtime to grieve over a sales loss, get back up again and condition yourself to stay goal oriented and focused.

A little failure along the way shouldn’t keep you from having big successes in the future.

Having a positive attitude and motivational vibes are bound to get your sales higher than a joy-killer attitude ever could.

10 – Vince Lombardi

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Willpower and determination are key attributes of successful people. Knowledge and strength are surely great traits, but they don’t guarantee success on their own, you have to put them to use.

You must have the constant drive and ambitious mindset to get ahead in order to be successful in sales – or even life for that matter!

Bottom Line

It’s always good to read wise words from successful people who know quite a lot about success and struggle. Reminding yourself not to give up is also a key feature in keeping a positive attitude and pursuing the pathway to success.

Here are a few more inspirational quotes that you could probably make do with on your inevitable bad days.

  • “What we dwell on is who we become.” –Oprah Winfrey
  • “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” –Babe Ruth
  • “There is always room at the top.” –Daniel Webster
  • “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” –Sam Levenson
  • “Quality performance starts with a positive attitude.” –Jeffrey Gitomer

So go out there, put in your best and then some!

sales quotes, cloudlead

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